About Archipelago

What is the archipelago

We are a non-profit organisation supporting the leading independent network of purpose driven defence practitioners, educators and researchers interested in enhancing innovation capabilities to unlock novel strategic and organizational possibilities across NATO members and partners

Hence the

to capture both the uniqueness and affinities between individuals and organisations contributing to design driven transformations across security & defence communities.

Pushing boundaries

Vision & mission


We believe in reflexive leadership, emboldened by innovation methodologies to inspire people, transform organisations, and ultimately improve the human condition.



We are nurturing an avant-garde, inclusive, and independent community of practice committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of defence and security ecosystems with our NATO allies and partners. We commit to the dutiful exploration of the complex relationships between design-inspired conceptual innovation, organisational design, and change leadership.

Our fundamental


    1. Non-profit education
    2. Continuous learning and transformation
    3. Openness to dialogue and collaboration across a wide diversity of cultures and mindsets
    4. The inter-cooperation of various military and civil organisations
    5. The intersectionality between the academic world and the world of defence and security organisations;
    6. Research excellence and conflict resolution

Reflexive practices

We understand reflexivity as being self-aware as well as taking into consideration that we are always involved in the context  under inquiry. Reflexive military practitioners attempt to perceive the context as a whole including themselves and their organisation. To do so, reflexive military practitioners continuously bring to awareness both their biases in making sense of reality and how their decisions and actions take part in systems of systems.

Who are the contributors?


A philosophy that a leader and his team can mobilize to create something new that is needed but does not yet exist, with the potential of changing the status quo into a preferred one from a specific normative perspective.