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How to “Design Think” Your Way Out of a Problem

Mary Ito interviews Michele Mastroeni on the CRAM Podcast ~ Extraordinary Ideas Unleashed  Most companies…

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Rhizomes: In Paradox to ‘Centers of Gravity’ and Centralized Hierarchies in War

Original Blog can be found: This is an excerpt from a design monograph that addresses…

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20 December 2021

Project Albatross Christmas 2021 Update

With the year coming to a close, we are very glad to provide you with…

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30 November 2021

Portmanteau as Pedagogy: A New Design Icebreaker

For the full article, visit: “Amputechture came,  Philistine praise,  Bottomless pit of empty names,…

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3 November 2021

Project Albatross

Project Leader Project Manager Game Designer   Vision Designing a game-based learning system based on…

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Member of the Week: David Major

AOD’s Member of the Week: David Major USA LTC ret. has been a student of…

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