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Anne Reiffenstein

Lieutenant – Colonel (retired) Canadian Army Anne Reiffenstein joined the Canadian Army in 1989 and spent 28 years serving as an artillery officer. Her enthusiasm for professional development has not diminished in retirement and she continues to engage in Professional Military Education formally and informally.

LCol (ret’d) Reiffenstein interests lie in military institutional leadership, military pedagogy, as well as issues related to gender and diversity in the military. She holds a BMAS and an MDS from the Royal Military College of Canada, an MBA from Carleton University as well as a BEd(ADEd) from Brock University.

LCol (ret’d) Reiffenstein is the host and producer of podcasts that capture the military experience from two very distinct viewpoints: CAF Institutional Leadership in “Leadership Beyond the Trenches” and the Canadian military family experience while overseas in the “The OUTCAN Experience”.

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