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Cara Wrigley

Professor Cara Wrigley is the inaugural Director Queensland Defence Science Alliance and Professor of Design Innovation at The University of Queensland. Prior to this appointment she was the Jericho Chair of Design Innovation at The University of Sydney, leading an interdisciplinary research group sponsored by the Royal Australian Air Force. This multi-million-dollar engagement brought together the Australian Defence Force and world-leading researchers to investigate the role that design plays in the creation of disruptive technologies for military capability.

During her time at the University of Sydney Professor Wrigley established the Defence by Design Group, where she ran applied research projects in the military domain. This collaboration contributed to the theoretical development of ‘military design thinking’ that has been taught and applied widely throughout the Australian Defence Force. She is a regular invited speaker at the Australian Defence College in Canberra for her work in Defence.

Australian Military Design Thinking: A 2021 Review

By: Cara Wrigley, Murray Simons, Aaron Jackson Abstract: Design thinking is gaining momentum in the…

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Initiate: Handbook of Military Sciences – Australian Defence Force

AOD Connect 2021: Initiate In this video Murray Simons & Cara Wrigley discuss their chapter,…

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4 August 2020

Defining Military Design Thinking: An Extensive, Critical Literature Review

Cara Wrigley, Genevieve Mosely, & Michael Mosely Abstract Military contexts are rapidly changing and are facing…

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Design Thinking Education: A Comparison of Massive Open Online Courses

Cara Wrigley, Genevieve Mosely, & Martin Tomitsch Abstract The popularity of design thinking is soaring, both as…

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Design Thinking pedagogy: the Educational Design Ladder

Cara Wrigley, & Kara Straker Abstract As global industries change and technology advances, traditional education…

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