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Christopher Paparone

Chris Paparone is a retired US Army Colonel who is now serving as a US Department of the Army civilian. While on active duty, he served in various command and staff positions in war and peace in the continental United States, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Bosnia.

He is a graduate of the US Naval War College and received his PhD in public administration from The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg.

Designing Meaning in the Reflective Practice of National Security: Frame Awareness and Frame Innovation

By Christopher Paparone Chapter 5 of: Design Thinking: Applications for the Australian Defence Force, ed.…

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Key Terms and Concepts Associated with Design Thinking


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Advanced Military Design, Panel of International Experts: IMDC Conference, Ottawa, CA

Panel (from left to right): Dr. Philippe Dufort (moderator), Ben Zweibelson (USSOCOM), Brig. Gen. Kevin…

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Old Wine into New Bottles? Designing Meaning on Emergent Events and Situations

By Chris Paparone The larger philosophical perspective I am advocating is “critical military epistemology” —…

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How we fight: A critical exploration of US military doctrine

Author: Christopher Paparone Abstract This essay seeks to answer the question, ‘How can we understand…

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Critical Military Epistemology: Designing Reflexivity into Military Curricula

Author: Christopher Paparone Abstract: The author recommends the discipline of the Sociology of Knowledge as…

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