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David Major

David Major USA LTC ret. has been a student of operational design since 2007. After he retired from the US Army back in 2009 David was the Operational Art Course director for the College of Distant Education and Training CDET part of the USMC Marine Corps University MCU.

From 2009 to 2020 David developed a curriculum to teach the nonresident Command and Staff College USMC Majors the finer points of operational art and operational design. During that time David developed an operational design methodology as part of the curriculum to be taught annually to over 500 USMC nonresident students.

David incorporated the central themes of the Marine Corps Design Methodology, JSOU design methodology, Israel Defense Force design methodology, Red Team, and systems theory into his operational design curriculum to be taught and exercised to close to 50 seminars worldwide annually.

David currently works at the Continuing Education Program of CDET where he develops a number of courses on operational art and leadership. He also teaches a systems theory and his operational design methodology elective to the resident USMC Command and Staff College.

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