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Donna Dupont

Donna Dupont is the Founder/Chief Strategist for Purple Compass and is part of the design faculty at the Canadian Forces College. Donna brings skills and insights developed over 20 years working with leaders in healthcare, emergency management, military, public policy and strategic planning. Her work focus’ on building anticipatory and adaptive leadership capabilities to navigate a complex and uncertain world. Her aim is to use strategic foresight and design methodologies to address environmental security threats, public safety, and support force protection to ensure fit for purpose in potential future operating environments. Donna holds a Master of Design (MDES) in Strategic Foresight & Innovation from OCAD University. She is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and is on the Advisory/Editorial Board for the Canadian Journal of Emergency Management.

Member of the Month: Donna Dupont

AOD’s Member of the Month: Donna Dupont is the Founder/Chief Strategist for Purple Compass and…

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CDO Corner: Mastering Design Facilitation Online

AOD Connect 2021: In this video Donna Dupont provides tips and tools for mastering Design…

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CJOC Design Thinking Series: Diagnosing Complex Systems

Donna Dupont presents Diagnosing Complex Systems to CJOC as part of the Design Thinking Series…

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Strategic Conversations for Strategy Development: Horizon Scanning, TOWS & Scenarios

by Donna Dupont & Leon Young   My interest in strategic foresight started when I began…

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