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Guillaume Noiseux-Lauzé

Guillaume (Gus) Noiseux-Lauzé is a lifelong learner who is passionate about helping DND and organizations grow better culture, innovate, and navigate complexity.

His practice is grounded on meaningful relationships, working with leaders at home and abroad in the military, public sector and construction industry. His interest includes: building cool things, human centric design, portfolio planning/operations, program management and sustainability.

Gus holds a BEng, a MaSc in Structural Eng and is actively pursuing the use of machine learning tools and data exploitation for sense making. Over his 20 years of military/public service he has established himself as a leading voice in real property operations, innovation and strategic design.

Reference List: AI Tools

Suite OpenAI (chat GPT4 turbo, DALLE-3, Data Analysis) ChatGPT Enterprise, which offers enterprise-grade security and…

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Monthly Campfire – December 4, 2023

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Member of the Month: Guillaume Noiseaux-Lauzé

AOD’s Member of the Month: Guillaume (Gus) Noiseux-Lauzé is a lifelong learner who is passionate…

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