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Nathan Schwagler

Nathan supports two unique teams — the Creative Problem Solving group and the Military Design & Innovation group — with curriculum development, faculty instruction, and applied workshop facilitation for the Special Operations community, US DoD, and International partners.

In addition to expert-level facilitation skills across a portfolio of Creative Problem Solving methodologies (Design Thinking, TRIZ, Synectics, Lateral Thinking, Bio-Mimicry, Osborn-Parnes CPS), Nathan is also a certified practitioner of LEGO Serious Play, and is a certified administrator of both the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile and the creative problem solving preference measure, FourSight (utilized by organizations including: NIKE, Pfizer, GOOGLE, Disney, HP, IBM, Kraft, and L’oreal, and academic institutions including: MIT, Stanford, and Harvard).

Member of the Month: Nathan Schwagler

AOD’s Member of the Month: Nathan supports two unique teams — the Creative Problem Solving…

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Tension: BLUF Cut Ep. 2 – Civilian vs Military Design

Host Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard in conversation with guests Ben Zweibelson, Philip Cash, Jeffrey van der Veer,…

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An Emergence of Design Education

Lecturers: LTC David Major (US Army), Mr. Nathan Schwagler (JSOU, SOCOM, contractor), and Dr. Philippe…

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Embedding Creativity in Professional Military Education: Understanding Creativity and Its Implementation

Authors: Adam Lowther, Brooke Mitchell, Gerard Puccio, and Nathan Schwagler Excerpt: Is it possible to incorporate a…

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