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Pedro Javier Rojas Guevara

The colonel® Pedro Rojas is the founder and former director of the Colombian Army Doctrine Center, was the architect since 2013, of the structuring and implementation of the project “Damasco”, doctrinal transformation in response to the political-strategic changes of the country, and the mutation of hybrid and persistent threats. In this effort, he made the necessary changes in Colombian military thinking, to face the new challenges and challenges of the 21st century, with the support of the National Government and the military high command, intervening throughout the political, diplomatic and military process, which materialized Colombia’s membership as NATO’s “Global Partner”.

He is regarded as an expert in intelligence, art and operational design, geopolitics and information operations, being recognized nationally and internationally for his writings and lectures. He holds a degree in Military Sciences from the Military School of Cadets and a master’s degree in Security and Defense from the Colombian War School. In addition, he is a specialist in public administration and a general staff diploma. He obtained the category of Junior Researcher, granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

He has been distinguished six times with Colombia’s most important medal in combat. He was the founder in 2016 of the professional magazine of the Colombian Army, “Military Expertise”.

Damascus: The Renewed Doctrine of the National Army of Colombia

Author: Javier Rojas Guevara Abstract: This note from the field is an account of the…

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