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Timothy Day

I began my career as an Infantry officer a few years ago (we still had wooden furniture on our rifles then) and have mostly enjoyed serving the profession of arms ever since. While the majority of my career has been spent at the tactical level, I’ve had the “privilege” of serving on both Operational and Strategic staffs.

A semi-devoted life-long learner, I may be described by my peers as a disruptive, non-traditional thinker, or by my superiors as a non-conformist. After employing a very unstructured, chaotic, and collaborative technique for problem solving for much of my time in uniform, I was introduced to “Design Methodology” and thought, “Hey! That’s sort of what I do!” I’ve been a design fanboy ever since.

Although my rank versus years of service implies career progression at a tectonic pace, it has been (mostly) deliberate and has afforded me the opportunity to “do, rather than be” (paraphrasing John Boyd).

I am currently employed within the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) Headquarters, Force Development Directorate, as the Director of Innovation and Futures.

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