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Trisha MacLeod

Trisha MacLeod (she/her) is a lifelong learner who is dedicated to expanding her practice in the field of strategic foresight and innovation. Her current pursuits are centered around understanding, acknowledging and deconstructing systemic racism within healthcare settings. She has established herself a leading voice in healthcare design and innovation with over 20 years of military service.

Her service to Canada and practice have been grounded in leadership based around meaningful relationships and expressed through her work in building capacities amongst domestic and international partners. Her comprehensive formal education in nursing, defence, design and interest in human-centred practices inform her approach to complex problems.

She has built a reputation for establishing sustainable and thriving healthcare teams responsive to evolving health needs that is grounded in a servant-style leadership approach.

In Service of All: Co-Designing an Inclusive Person-Partnered Model of Care in the Canadian Forces Health Services

By Julia Kowal and Trisha MacLeod Original link via Open Research Download PDF Abstract:  Since…

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Member of the Week: Trisha MacLeod

AOD’s Member of the Week: Trisha MacLeod is a lifelong learner who is dedicated to…

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