24 February 2023

Breakthrough: Arctic Albatross

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Breakthrough Brochure Jan 23


What is Breakthrough: Arctic Albatross?
Breakthrough: Arctic Albatross is a turn-based mystery investigation wargame. Breakthrough puts players
in situations that enable them to seamlessly develop complex strategy-making capabilities. The Arctic Albatross scenario takes place in Inuuqatigiit, a fictitious former hamlet in the Canadian Arctic in 2040. With the Northwest Passage becoming a viable alternative to the Panama canal, Inuuqatigiit is becoming a global trading hub. Yet, its development is at stake. Following delays
in the construction of major infrastructure projects, the Government of Canada summons players to investigate. What they may or may not uncover will shape the fate of the country, its allies and partners for decades to come.

Who is the Archipelago of Design?
We are a non-profit organization striving to unlock the innovative thinking potential of defence & security leaders and their teams in Canada and across NATO members and partners.

How might Breakthrough improve outcomes for your organization?
Breakthrough offers team building pathways for taking your organization to the next level. The game enhances existing skills for collectively anticipating, navigating and addressing complex strategic problems. The game also foregrounds capability gaps that players need to bridge in order to master strategy-making. Set in the Canadian Arctic in 2040, this game also contributes to developing a general understanding of Arctic security politics. Overall the game provides a transformative learning experience that will stick with players.

What skills do players develop by playing Breakthrough?

  • Sensemaking
  • Problem Framing
  • Collaboration
  • Negotiation
  • Management
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Self-Awareness
  • Systems Thinking
  • Abductive Reasoning


Paired with a facilitated debrief, the game challenges players to approach strategy-making in a new, holistic way by testing their assumptions and biases.

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