7 February 2019

Harnessing David and Goliath: Orthodoxy, Asymmetry, and Competition

Abstract The U.S. remains in a position to have a disproportionate impact on the shape…

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The Multidisciplinary Design Movement: A Frame for Realizing Industry, Security, and Academia Interplay

Originally Published by Small Wars Journal: The Multidisciplinary Design Movement: A Frame for Realizing…

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Critique for Action: Outline of a Craft Turn in Security Practices

NB: This paper was submitted for consideration as a contribution to the special issue Doing…

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Design Thinking Education: A Comparison of Massive Open Online Courses

Cara Wrigley, Genevieve Mosely, & Martin Tomitsch Abstract The popularity of design thinking is soaring, both as…

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Intellectual spring cleaning: it’s time for a military “Do Not Read” list; and some sources that should be on that list

By Aaron P. Jackson, Ben Zweibelson and William Simonds Published in: Defence Studies, Vol. 18,…

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The contribution of design in cultivating a culture of innovation?

My aim with  this paper is to contribute to a discourse on the subject how…

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