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4 March 2024

Designing in Crisis? Promises and Limits in the Shadow of Ukraine and October 7th

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Save the date!

Members of the AOD community, colleagues and friends are invited to participate in a virtual workshop, on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024 at 11:00-15:00 hrs EST (Toronto/Washington, D.C.)

Registration is free


The objective of the workshop is to discuss aspects of Military Design, considering lessons from recent expressions of contemporary war (i.e., Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Hamas). With great latitude, participants are invited to contribute to one of the following workshop sub-groups tackling interrelated but distinct aspects of the theme:

In light of recent wars, how does Military Design and related concepts of Systems Thinking, Complexity Thinking, Foresight & Strategy enhance understanding of issues:

1) During war – The planning and conduct of war at the operational level.
For example, campaign design, responding to enemy creativity, dealing with surprise, adaptation or change in the battlespace?

2) Preparing for war – The preparation for future war at the strategic-political levels. For example, factors of importance within multi-domain Force Generation “force structure, equipment, readiness and sustainability” (CFJP01, p. 5-9), societal preparation and identification of vulnerabilities and risks?

3) Implications for Military Design as a practice, its future versions, national expressions, and utilities?

Prior to the workshop, participants are encouraged to write a short reflection piece (no more than 1500 words).

This step is optional and not required for participation, but the reflections may be useful for the participant to focus their thoughts, share awareness of perspectives within the working group and serve as a base for future publishing projects.

A report will be written to record key points arising from the workshop and will be shared with participants thereafter.

Organizing Committee:

The workshop is organized by AOD in collaboration with the Critical War Studies and the Practice of Security Design research group of the Centre for security and crisis governance (CRITIC), Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

Register on Eventbrite by March 15, 2024 at:

Designing in Crisis CRITIC March 26, 2024