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10 June 2021

JSOU Advanced Design Course: New international MASL available

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New international MASL for the JSOU Advanced Design six week distance course available

The six week distance/online SOC 4445 advanced design course now has a MASL number meaning international military students can register for this course!

Prerequisite: Students must complete SOC 3440 (our basic design course) or by exception, attend SOC 1440 or other coordination with JSOU course directors prior to attempting this advanced design course. The MASL report, course agenda for six weeks, and the course description are attached.

SOC 3440 also has a MASL number and is available to international students. Contact Dr. Sean Lux at: for additional assistance in enrolling as an international student into the basic design course SOC 3440-Virtual. The virtual version available now is also six-weeks semi-autonomous learning and forms the foundation for JSOU design education for Special Operations Forces, General Purpose Forces, international military as well as government agency and policy makers. 

If a student has already graduated a JSOU design basic course and wishes to engage in enrolling in the SOC 4445-Virtual course for this August, you can contact Dr. Ben Zweibelson at: for additional assistance. All JSOU design courses are limited in seats and fill up quickly!

International students, military organizations, or PME programs
Please share this with any interested international students, military organizations, or PME programs with international students seeking a fully online, six week blended semi-autonomous advanced design course. The next online class for registration is SOC 4445-V iteration 21C and runs from 16 August through 24 September 2021 (the pre-course prep phase occurs from 01-15 August and is also online, self-paced for student refresher on SOC 3440 basic design content.

We have open seats but class size is limited to no more than 25 students per class.

To qualify: For international military students
International students attempting to sign-up must register through the embassy education representative using the MASL prior to attempting to register at JSOU in the student system. Only international students that are MILITARY or DEFENSE/GOV SECURITY professionals qualify.

If interested you can contact your embassy and request course consideration.

Cost: There is an international tuition rate for this course that the MASL will address.

SOC 4445v course description 29 JUN 2020
SOC 4445 Virtual Agenda MAR 2021

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