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5 November 2020

(NOW HIRING) Multimedia Specialist

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Multimedia Specialist (Part time)

(Please note: we are launching a new website under a different domain in the New Year.)



  1. You will be at the forefront of our video and podcast recording and production, able to showcase your skills in video concept, video production, and editing. Your talent and experience will be a crucial element in creating our audiovisual presence.
  2. Have ideas for how to better our video style? Ways to better our podcasts? We are open to your ideas for how to develop and improve our media! Your advice will be taken seriously, your creativity valued, and your initiative appreciated!
  3. You will be given considerable opportunities to develop your skills, try new techniques and gain hands-on experience in video production and editing.
  4. You will enjoy a flexible schedule with the exception of recording sessions (conferences, interviews, etc) so long as you are able to meet key deadlines.


If you are a student or recent graduate: This is an excellent entry level opportunity for a new film/multimedia specialist to take the lead on producing quality audio and video materials while honing your trade. You will be developing hands-on video projects from initial consulting and designing all the way to video production and post production. You can expect to develop skills on how to conduct and edit quality education style interviews both in video and podcast formats. In addition, our Director General has over 5 years experience in art and design and can support you with your growth in communications strategy.


If you are a professional: Apart from key deadlines, you would have relative autonomy over your schedule. We will be producing podcasts on a regular basis and Video material during key periods such as annual conferences and workshops. You would have opportunities to travel abroad (post-COVID) for key events such as our annual IMDC Conference.


Expected Workload: Average workload would be approximately 10-15 hours per week, with Conferance and Post-Conference periods amounting to heavier workload periods.


We at the Archipelago of Design (AOD) are a small team where you would be our expert on video and podcast media, so you need to be prepared to take initiative, be an active self-learner, and have a passion for multimedia. You will have the opportunity to be cited in the credits of most of the material you produce such as interviews and conference videos (with the exception of some AOD promo material).


About our team

We are a small team of self-organized highly autonomous yet supportive individuals who rely on one another to be innovative and take initiative proposing new ideas, researching possibilities and alternatives, voicing concerns as they arise, and staying on top of one’s own tasks with minimal need for supervision. The ideal candidate will be someone who has strong personal initiative, is consistent and reliable, and a drive for self-learning and exploring possibilities.


As a team, we promote open access knowledge sharing, innovative solutions and practices, deep thinking, self-reflection, and questioning systems of doctrine. The Multimedia Specialist will work closely with the Director General with ongoing communications systems.


AOD’s Vision and Mission  

AOD is a just cause driven non-profit organization: We believe in reflexive leadership, emboldened by innovation to inspire people, transform organizations, and ultimately improve the human condition. We are nurturing an avant-garde, inclusive, and independent community of practice committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of defence and security ecosystems with our Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence, NATO allies and partners, and we commit to the exploration of the complex relationship(s) between design-inspired conceptual innovation, organizational design, and change leadership.


This cause and mission provides a shared purpose to the team as a whole, guaranteeing a rewarding and stimulating working environment and experience that can make a difference. More specifically, the AV Specialist will make the difference towards establishing and sustaining a visual identity for the AOD as it pertains to video and documentary media content setting the conditions for creating a visual face for the organization and meeting our knowledge sharing goals.


Additional Duties

  • Support the Director General in production of ongoing communications material including social media content, and web editing/posting.
  • Assisting with maintaining a communications calendar with communications delivery.
  • Create short video trailers (MP4s) of various content including interviews and other conference content
  • Propose new video concepts and ideas as they align with our organizational branding, guidelines, and our vision, mission, and objectives.
  • Work collaboratively with our team and partners with content curation
  • Stay current with new technology and multimedia techniques.
  • Support the team in any other related tasks necessary for the functioning of the team.
  • Provide consultations, coaching, and/or training with interviewees and participants on how to perform well on camera
  • This position requires willingness to also perform technical installation and troubleshooting skills on audiovisual components including: cameras, microphones, cord hookups, and other AV equipment.
  • Plan new video concepts by analyzing performance data and information.


Mandatory Skills

  • Familiar with video editing software, preferably Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.
  • Diploma or Degree in Film, Multimedia, or similar program, post-secondary students in these fields of study are welcome to apply.
  • Competent with various file formats; MP4, GIF, Animated GIF and JPG.
  • Working proficiency in English mandatory
  • Organizational skills: ability to take the initiative, work with minimal supervision, conducting multiple tasks at the same time, managing time & meeting tight deadlines and practice a robust work ethics.


Supplementary skills

  • Experience producing and managing social media (preferred)
  • Knowledge and experience in web-editing (preferred)
  • Experience and access to After-Effects (strong asset)
  • Knowledge of the internet and user behaviour (preferred)
  • Familiarity with education based video content such a interviews, ted talk style presentations, or documentaries (strong asset)
  • Previous experience in communications and maintaining brand consistency (an asset)
  • Basic HTML knowledge an asset;
  • Bilingual (English & French) written and oral an asset
  • Familiarity with either design, system thinking, complexity, social theory, critical theory, strategy, organic learning, situational learning, connectivism, education design or game design are perks, but they are not mandatory requirements.


Working Conditions 

  • Just Cause driven non-profit organization and work involving shared ownership, responsibility and achievements.
  • Compensation:  To be discussed based on experience and availability
  • Duration: 1 year contract (Nov. 2020- Nov. 2021) with possibility of an additional 2 year extension, part time (10-15 hours per week) on average, flexibility required when approaching a deadline.
  • Direct Supervisors: Melissa Sinfield
  • Secondary Supervisors: Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard & Philippe Dufort
  • Deadline for sending an application: November 29th, 2020
  • Entry planned for early december
  • Location: Mostly online with sporadic meetings in Ottawa and Toronto.
  • The applicant is expected to be willing to travel internationally on occasion for on-site recordings during events such as our annual IMDC conference (dependent on state of COVID-19)
  • Applicant must be willing to adjust style and format by exercising creativity and flexibility to accommodate COVID-19 safety, which may require working with distance video conferencing technologies (for instance our next international IMDC conference may be moved to online format if required).


To apply to the position: send an application dossier into a single pdf file including:

1       Motivation letter justifying why you would be the perfect fit for this position (1-2 pagers)

2       A skill based Curriculum Vitae

3       A link to one or more samples of video content you have produced and/or edited. This sample would preferably be of a video project that you produced from end-to-end (design, production, post-production), however we also will accept samples that you took part in so long as you indicate which portion of the project you were actively producing (example: post-production editing).


Send your application dossier to Melissa Sinfield, AOD Director General,
dg@aodnetwork.ca by Jan. 18th, 2020


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