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5 November 2020

Coordinator (Job Position Filled)

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MINDS IMDC Network — Archipelago of Design (AOD) 



The Coordinator maintains both the Canadian Department of Defence’s MINDS programme’s Innovation Methodologies for Defence Challenges (IMDC) network (2020-2023) and the Archipelago of Design (AOD) non-profit organization led by our Director General Melissa Sinfield and Joint Executive Directors Philippe Dufort (Saint-Paul University) and Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard (Centre for Military Studies, University of Copenhagen & Canadian Forces College). The Coordinator sets the conditions for AOD and the IMDC Network to reach their objectives. The Coordinator does so by managing and organizing AOD events (webinars, symposiums, and workshops), consulting and mobile assistance activities, and coordinating the network, to name a few. AOD Directors will guide and mentor the Coordinator as the coordinator in turn supervises staff members such as research assistants and contractors.

This is an excellent mid-level position with opportunities for rapid advancement through mentorship if you are an engaged individual with strong personal-initiative and leadership skills. We are particularly interested in individuals with the ability to lead through motivation and inspiration.

Primary Challenges

  • Operationalize AOD functions on a continuous basis under Directors’ guidance including conforming to AOD Mission, Vision, and Objectives,  and MINDS proposal (13 specific objectives).
  • Sustain a continuous dialogue with the Directors and the staff to insure cohesion, continuous relevance and alignment between intents and outcomes.
  • Manage AOD activities including by conducting administrative tasks with Saint Paul University Staff, Department of Defence Staff, Canadian Forces College Staff  and the wider MINDS IMDC network
  • Organize regular board meetings and reporting follow-ups.
  • Provide support to the local host and spokesperson of the IMDC annual convention
  • Organize webinars, symposiums and  workshops
  • Coordinate consulting and expert assistance to partner organizations
  • Supervise AOD employees and contractors such as web development staff and firm
  • Produce required reports required by stakeholders and supported by staff members
  • Coordinate hiring of new personnel
  • Embody the role of permanent representative, that is, a permanent point of contact for staff and externals.
  • Keep the academic staff on track with each project and their milestones.
  • Organize meetings in person and online with AOD and network members

Secondary Challenges

  • Support the research-funding advisor on a temporary basis, and especially for reaching tight deadlines (Grant proposal writing, Budget projection, communication, etc.).
  • Support team with ongoing accounting and budgeting
  • Support the communication staff and teams on a temporary basis
  • Unforeseen tasks

About us

We are a small team of self-organized highly autonomous yet supportive individuals who rely on one another to be innovative and take the initiative to propose new ideas, researching possibilities and alternatives, voicing concerns as they arise, and staying on top of one’s own tasks with minimal need for supervision. The ideal candidate will be someone who has strong personal initiative, is consistent and reliable, and a drive for self-learning and exploring possibilities.

As a team, we promote open access knowledge sharing, innovative solutions and practices, deep thinking, self-reflection, and questioning systems of doctrine. The Project Coordinator will work closely with Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard and Philippe Dufort, our Joint Executive Directors and Melissa Sinfield, our Director General.

AOD’s Vision and Mission  

AOD is a just cause driven non-profit organisation: We believe in reflexive leadership, emboldened by innovation methodologies to inspire people, transform organizations, and ultimately improve the human condition. We are nurturing an avant-garde, inclusive, and independent community of practice committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of defence and security ecosystems with our Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence, NATO allies and partners, and we commit to the dutiful exploration of the complex relationship(s) between design-inspired conceptual innovation, organizational design, and change leadership. This cause and mission provides a shared purpose to the team as a whole, guaranteeing a rewarding and stimulating working environment and experience that can make a difference.


  • Graduate Studies in social sciences, human sciences, management or similar disciplines
  • One year of experience as a coordinator or in fulfilling similar tasks.
  • Organizational skills (ability to take the initiative, work with minimal supervision, conducting multiple tasks at the same time, managing time & meeting tight deadlines).
  • Management experience including a research budget (strong asset)
  • Robust communication skills (writing and oral)
  • Networking skills
  • Ability to work both individually and in a team
  • Comfortable with team management systems like Hive, Asana, Trello, Toggle, or similar.
  • Experience using MS Office (Word and Excel),


Working Conditions 

Compensation: Equivalent to working conditions at the educational institution of the candidate

Duration: 2-3 years contract with 6 months’ probation period

Direct Supervisor: Melissa Sinfield

Part time: 20 hours per week

Entry on first week of December or earlier


To apply:

send an application dossier into a single pdf file including:

  1. Motivation letter justifying why you would be the perfect fit for this position
  2. A skill based Curriculum Vitae


Send your application dossier to Melissa Sinfield, AOD Director General, dg@aodnetwork.ca
We are hiring on a rolling basis