Albatross workshop, Copenhagen
26 July 2021

Now Hiring: Game Designer

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Project Albatross

Game Designer

New deadline September 11! Interviews will be evaluated as they come in and interviews can be requested prior to the deadline. Please forward CV and application to

Job Description

The Archipelago of Design is looking for a talented, passionate individual eager to face the challenge of bringing game design into the learning environment of national security professionals. You will be part of this endeavour by developing a proof of concept of a virtual learning experience conducive to the development of a security design mindset. The ideal candidate has hands-on experience designing systems and balancing gameplay mechanics.  A strong literacy in game design and the ability to clearly and concisely communicate ideas in written, verbal and visual forms are key.  The game designer will be part of a small collaborative team consisting of team members with backgrounds in multiple disciplines. Accordingly, collaboration with other disciplines and the ability to accept and provide direction to deliver a high quality product is a central aspect of the job. The ability to work in a multidisciplinary team environment and the willingness and drive to learn about security design is desirable. The position is partially funded by Canada Summer Jobs. Accordingly, only Canadian citizens, permanent residents or refugees not older than 30 can apply for this position. The wage is fixed at $30/hour for a full time position (part-time is open for negotiation).

Who We Are

The Archipelago of Design is a non-profit organisation: We believe in reflexive leadership, emboldened by innovation methodologies to inspire people, transform organizations, and ultimately improve the human condition. We are nurturing an inclusive and independent global network committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation within the defence and security ecosystems with our Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence, NATO allies and partners. This vision and mission provides a shared purpose to the team as a whole, guaranteeing a rewarding and stimulating working environment and experience that can make a difference. 

As a video game designer you will make the difference towards developing and maturing Project Albatross and in bringing the philosophies and methods of video game design into our diverse group of committed designers. Project Albatross seeks to scale up the conceptual innovation capabilities of defence and security personnel across NATO members and partners by developing a virtual learning experience that is grounded in state-of-the-art video game design. Following a week-long co-design workshop uniting senior military officers, security design academics, and video game designers, the prototyping teams generated several prototype concepts. As part of the team, you will participate in transforming and playtesting these ideas and concepts into a fully fledged concept treatment document in Q3-Q4 2021. 

What to Expect

Specific Skills
Produce project designs
Produce game features and game mechanics

Business Equipment and Computer Applications
Google Workplace

Work Setting
Non-profit organization; Small team

Type of Production Art
Physical & Multimedia

Work Samples
Game Design sample or design/development portfolio

Work Conditions
Fast-paced environment; Work under pressure; Attention to detail; Multidisciplinary team efforts.


  • Collaborate with a Lead Security Designer and Project Manager to deliver on the creative vision for the project.
  • Articulate the design vision in a concept treatment document.
  • Build strong creative game designs that are original, imaginative, and conducive to learning security design.
  • Work independently to develop, build, tune and document gameplay mechanics to final quality while adhering to the design vision of the product.
  • Adjust game mechanics and tune to balance gameplay mechanics based on gameplay analytics.
  • Collaborate with art disciplines to develop a concept treatment document suitable for industry standards. 
  • Take initiative in creative problem-solving with the Project Manager to improve tools and methodologies for the Project team to facilitate effective resolutions.

Personal Suitability

  • Team player; Flexible; Excellent oral communication; Excellent written communication; Reliability; Organized
  • Language(s)
    English (essential), French (optional)
  • Education
    Undergraduate studies or relevant experience
  • Teleworking Information
    Remote work position with potential of flex office in Toronto 3 days a week.


  • Only Canadian citizens aged 15-30 are eligible for this position.
  • Educational background in fields related to game design or game development such as: computer science; software development; systems development, engineering; project management; medialogy or other related fields.
  • Experience in tuning of complex gameplay systems
  • Demonstrable expertise in game mechanics design 
  • Concise verbal and written communication skills, able to communicate ideas clearly
  • Ability to accept and provide direction while working in the interface between security design and game design.
  • Self-driven, take initiative and work independently while maintaining coordination with the project team. 
  • Works well under pressure and able to meet deadlines
  • Willingness to push the envelope and innovate within game parameters
  • Display a positive attitude, being passionate about gaming, the state of art of game design, and striving to improve the quality of games.


Are you interested in applying for this position? Please send your CV and relevant material to before the 10th of September. 

*All images featured on this page were taken at our week-long co-design workshop for Albatross.




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