5 November 2020

Project Manager (Job Position Filled)

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Project Manager:
Serious Video Game Development (Full Time)



  1. Lead: You will be at the forefront of developing Project Albatross, a project aimed at designing a groundbreaking ‘serious’ video game application setting the conditions for transforming how public security professionals think about and approach their organisation and conflicts.
  2. Own: Be centrally involved, from initial game concepts ideation through software development, testing and evaluations, all the way to final release.
  3. Network: Develop and sustain strong relationships with key stakeholders such as game & software development industry partners, universities and public security organizations among NATO allies and partners.
  4. Manage: You will enjoy significant autonomy and a flexible work schedule aligned with your capability to show strong self-initiative, professional competences and ability to meet key milestone dates.


Project Albatross aims to develop a groundbreaking game application used as an education tool that seamlessly trains public security professionals as they play, fostering complex and deep thinking skills in the process of gameplay. This will be the first of its kind to be used in military and public service colleges across NATO members and partners. Project Albatross will, we hope, garner transformative shifts in security and military thought, systems and practices beyond the capability of analogous education programmes in the long term.


This is a mid-level position with the expectation that applicants have prior project management experience, particularly with game or software development. You should have a broad comprehension of all aspects related to gaming development: production, code, art, design, evaluation and indeed,  show a high level of video game literacy. To be a good fit, you must be proactive and a complex problem-solver with a curious and learning mindset able to rethinking project approaches as emerging challenges arise.  Prior experience with agile software development methods or similar self-organizing and cross-functional frameworks considered an asset.


About us

We are a small team of self-organized highly autonomous yet supportive individuals who rely on one another to be innovative and take initiative proposing new ideas, researching possibilities and alternatives, voicing concerns as they arise, and staying on top of one’s own tasks with minimal need for supervision. The ideal candidate will be someone who has strong personal initiative, is consistent and reliable, and a drive for self-learning and exploring possibilities.


As a team, we promote open access knowledge sharing, innovative solutions and practices, deep thinking, self-reflection, and questioning systems of doctrine. The Project Coordinator will work closely with our Joint Executive Director Dr. Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard who masterminded this project and our Director General.


AOD’s Vision and Mission 

AOD is a just cause driven non-profit organisation: We believe in reflexive leadership, emboldened by innovation methodologies to inspire people, transform organizations, and ultimately improve the human condition. We are nurturing an avant-garde, inclusive, and independent community of practice committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of defence and security ecosystems with our Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence, NATO allies and partners, and we commit to the dutiful exploration of the complex relationship(s) between design-inspired conceptual innovation, organizational design, and change leadership. This cause and mission provides a shared purpose to the team as a whole, guaranteeing a rewarding and stimulating working environment and experience that can make a difference. More specifically, the Project Manager will make the difference towards sustaining Project Albatross aligned with this cause and mission and will set the conditions for enduring success beyond 2023.


Project Albatross

The Project Manager’s primary function will be to focus on Project Albatross.

Albatross derives from Diomedes, a Greek warrior known for his god-like cunning expressed in part by advancing the Trojan Horse concept. This project seeks to scale up the conceptual innovation capabilities of defence and security personnel across NATO members and partners by developing a virtual learning experience. This experience will be grounded on a new genre building on state-of-the-art video game, film art and techniques. In contrast to the ongoing virtualization of military education, this new genre called Reflexive Virtual Organic Learning emphasizes self, organizational and environmental awareness & transformation through seamless learning by doing trials and errors motivated by an engaging narrative. The project will focus mostly on the triangular relationship between design driven conceptual innovation at the operational and strategic levels, organizational design and change management. Yet, we are ambitious. We believe that the potential of this project lies beyond this focus, as it may become a stepping-stone towards revolutionizing defence education in general across NATO members and partners.


Profile: Required background 

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, game or software development, systems development, engineering, project management, or related field.
  • Game development skills: You should have a broad comprehension of all aspects related to gaming development: production, code, art, design and evaluation.
  • Game literacy: Show a high level of knowledge the state of the art in game concepts and culture
  • Excellent understanding of video game industry culture and practices.
  • Capacity to develop and maintain strong stakeholder relationships including with game developers and funders.
  • Ability to stay on top of software developers’ progress in a manner that is both professional and timely.
  • Communication skills: Capability to translate and make intelligible complex conceptual knowledge for different audiences, from academics to practitioners to the general public.
  • Management skills: Capability to develop a realistic project strategy and execute it within time constraints. Capability to manage a project and interact with a small team and stakeholders including senior level leaders.
  • Organizational skills: ability to take the initiative, work with minimal supervision, conducting multiple tasks at the same time, managing time & meeting tight deadlines and practice a robust work ethics.
  • Agile certifications (asset).


Profile: Recommended background

  • Degree with a research component or significant research experience.
  • Experience with fundraising involved in software development and research (subsidies, tax credits, grants, donations, investments, etc.)
  • Familiarity with either education design, design, system thinking, complexity, social theory, critical theory, strategy, organic learning, situational learning, or connectivism are perks but they are not mandatory requirements.


Working Conditions

  • Just Cause driven non-profit organisation and work involving shared ownership, responsibility and achievements (see above).
  • Compensation: 50 000$ – 55 000 CAD$ with a 2.5  –  5% commission on specific fundraising
  • Duration: 3 years contract (2020-2023), Full time (37.5 hours per week) on average, flexibility required when approaching a deadline.
  • Supervisor: Dr. Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard
  • Deadline for sending an application
  • Entry planned for Nov 30, 2020
  • Location: Mostly online with sporadic meetings in Ottawa and Toronto.


To apply: send an application dossier into a single pdf file including:

  1. Motivation letter justifying why you would be the perfect fit for this position
  2. A skill based Curriculum Vitae
  3. A sample of a game project, application project, or other related software project.


Send your application dossier to Melissa Sinfield, AOD Director General, dg@aodnetwork.ca by November 30th, 2020