27 October 2023

Publishing Assistance Programme 2023-2024

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Removing barriers to publishing for national security professionals working in innovative thinking by design, critical thinking, systems thinking, foresight, and adjacent methods and approaches in a security context so that NATO members and partners, including researchers, benefit from work focused on these topics.


National security professionals from NATO members and partners who have produced scholarship or other educational deliverables on one of the above topics and would like to publish this work in a professional military journal, an academic journal, a blog, video essay or podcast.


The AOD team in collaboration with the Richardson Institute have the initial capabilities to support up to two simultaneous small scale projects following two tracks. 

  1. The first track is to assist a national security professional writing in English as a Second Language, based on an initial essay or research paper draft. 
  2. The second track is to assist a national security professional to transition from a completed coursework in an educational context towards a publishable deliverable.  


Expected Assistance

Participants can expect assistance in the form of an initial gap analysis identifying necessary steps towards publication, followed by targeted services such as expert feedback, suggestions for additional research and references, copy-editing, video or podcast production support, reference formatting to meet a publication standard, submission and coordination with publishers.


Winning participants must become an AOD member to benefit.


The AOD Edgy Research committee chaired by Prof. Mark Lacy will evaluate and rank proposals based on potential impact for the NATO and the security design community, as well as on feasibility. 


Please send an abstract of your proposal, a paragraph sharing your motivation for embarking on this programme, and the most recent version of your work aimed for publication to


Submit your proposal by Friday, November 10th, 2023

Publishing Assistance Programme 2023