by Oliver Jones

Enthusiast 🟢

[Watch 11 mins/read 3 mins] In SOD We Trust: Strategy and the Art of Letting Go | Ofra Graicer | TEDxBudapestSalon:


[Watch 15 mins] What is Strategic Design? | Philippe Dufort | TEDxBudapestSalon:


[Watch 15 mins] Why Generals Need to Forget Before They Can Become Generals | Ofra Graicer | TEDxTelAvivUniversity:


[Read 4 mins] Robert Frost – “The Road Not Taken”:


Engaged Learner 🟦

[Read 15 mins] Ofra Graicer – “So SOD: An Antidote to the Futility of Design in Militaries”:


[Watch 12 mins] Dr. Ofra Graicer, IDF and Mr. Nathan Schwagler, JSOU on Design in the Israeli Defense Force:


[Watch 15 mins] Destructive Creativity & Design: Dr. Shimon Naveh (IDF) and Dr. Ben Zweibelson – Interview #3:



[Read 1 hour] Ofra Graicer, Philippe Dufort, Oliver Jones – “What is Strategic Design? Cultivating Cognitive Agility for the Craft of Generalship“:


[Read 30 minutes] Ofra Graicer – “Self Disruption: Seizing the High Ground of Systemic Operational Design”:


[Read 30 mins] Ofra Graicer and Shimon Naveh – “Beware the Power of the Dark Side: The Inevitable Coupling of Doctrine and Design”:


[Read 30 mins] John Boyd – “Destruction and Creation”:

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