Encountering Nomads in Israel Defense Forces and Beyond

This paper is a version of a book chapter manuscript available in green open access.…

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Designing at the Cutting Edge of Battle

Abstract This article addresses the formal introduction of military design into the 75th Ranger Regimental…

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Tension: Extended Cut Ep. 1 – Deliberate vs. Emergent Strategic Design in the context of the COVID pandemic

Host Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard in conversation with guests Ofra Graicer and Robin Holt on the topic of…

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Design Thinking in Commerce and War: Contrasting Civilian and Military Innovation Methodologies

By Dr. Aaron P. Jackson This monograph addresses how military design thinkers can maximize the…

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4 August 2020

Defining Military Design Thinking: An Extensive, Critical Literature Review

Cara Wrigley, Genevieve Mosely, & Michael Mosely Abstract Military contexts are rapidly changing and are facing…

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Discussion on the Cynefin framework | TEDxBudapestSalon

  Presentation by Dave Snowden The Cynefin framework is a conceptual framework used to aid decision-making.…

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