27 January 2018

The Blue Knight Review (Journal of the Royal Military College St Jean): Special Edition No. 2: Systems Thinking and Design

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This Special Edition of The Blue Knight Review is an outgrowth project of the April 2017 Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, “Breaking Down Silos and Uniting Stakeholders”, held at Royal Military College Saint-Jean and co-hosted with the Center for National Security Studies. In being co-hosted by two Canadian military entities, the subjects were approached from a military perspective, however, effort was made to include international military, Other Government Departments (OGD) and private sector participation. Overall, it attempted to unite members of the Canadian government and partners who share a common appreciation or usage of some aspect of Systems Thinking and/or Design. This Special Edition contains this same objective, as well as to capture learning from the Workshop in a permanent and transportable manner and to capitalize on the momentum of the event to foster discussion and research.

All articles are freely available online and can be linked from the Journal’s contents page:

Alternatively, individual articles can be accessed via the links in the contents list below.

Cover page
A Word from the Editor (Marc Imbeault)
1. Introduction: The Urgency of this Moment
2. Military Design in the Canadian Context, by Robert Lummack
3. Teachers, Leave Them Kids Alone: Debating Two Approaches for Design Education in Military Organizations, by Ben Zweibelson, Aaron P. Jackson and Simon Bernard
4. Designing a Way to Improve Outcomes, by Mithula Naik
5. A Systems Approach to Recruiting and Training CAF Members: Designing an Optimized Model, by LCOL Kyle Solomon
6. We Think Visually: The Urgency of Meaningful Maps, by MAJ Mathieu Primeau
7. The Urgency is in the Mirror, by Fode Beaudet

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