10 May 2017

Hybrid Warfare: New Ontologies and Epistemologies in Armed Forces

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Philippe Beaulieu-B. and Philippe Dufort organized a first workshop gathering 16 commanders, planners, defence scientists and instructors who relied on reflexive ways of thinking for understanding or conducting operations in hybrid types of warfare. This workshop took place at Canadian Forces College in Toronto, Canada on October 16-17, 2016. This workshop laid the groundwork for launching this research program, to publish a special issue in the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies (JMSS) and release this web platform in 2017. The Canadian Department of National Defence’s Defence Engagement Program as well as Canadian Forces College provided financial and in-kind support.

The objective of the workshop was to generate a wide range of experiences in developing, teaching, or using reflexive concepts for intervening in hybrid types of warfare. These concepts could be self-developed, local or adapted from other fields such as Social Sciences, Biology or Physics to name a few. We invited defence professionals to share their experience in an auto-biographical form to enable collective ethnography.