AOD Services unlocks the innovative potential of your team to better anticipate, navigate and address complex problems by leveraging our expert network and R&D team.

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1. Consulting

We provide custom assistance to clients looking for change strategies from scoping to implementation including performance indicators.


2. Facilitate

We offer facilitation services aimed at making the most of the collective intelligence of your team, experts or the public.


3. Skills

We enhance the innovative capabilities of your team with professional development packages mobilizing our expert network, transformative serious games, and toolkits.



4. Coaching

We coach leaders to set conditions for developing an inclusive and innovative culture including by leveraging facilitation techniques and collaborative tools.


5. Products

We augment your toolkit with manuals, primers and serious game features tailored to your needs. We believe there is no one-size-fits all in innovation.


And More!

We are a global diversified community covering a broad range of services beyond this list. Let’s connect and see how might we assist!




We developed a robust background in areas requiring substantial change for organizations to remain fit for purpose such as:













1. Innovative Consulting

We provide custom assistance to clients looking for strategies to better anticipate, navigate and address complex challenges in two ways:

1. Plug & Play: We offer plug and play strategic innovation labs as it if was your own. We customize labs for organisations seeking to test or seamlessly augment innovation capabilities including strategic foresight & design at a low risk.

2. Expert Match: We match clients with experts to develop a sequence of activities ultimately leading to innovative solutions. This sequence may include scoping, anticipating, brainstorming, red teaming, implementing, performance indicators and reporting.



2. Facilitating Workshops & Consultations

We work with our clients to facilitate workshops that generate value by tearing down barriers to meaningful collaboration. Our facilitated workshops make the emergence of counter-intuitive solutions possible. This facilitation service is also effective for public and expert consultations and may include:

1. Reporting services: our team captures insights to empower our clients. This reporting is essential to foster buy-in to build a case for change.

2. Multimedia production: We tap into our multimedia expertise to offer workshop videos or podcasts including highlights for our clients to share.


3. Professional & Self Development

We offer training for clients looking for unlocking the innovative potential of their team. We currently offer three professional development options:

1. Canadian Organic Innovation Framework: We use Breakthrough, our serious game, as a diagnostic tool to develop a tailored professional development programme grounded on our new model for a targeted enhancement of innovation capabilities in your team.

2. Innovative Team Leader: We leverage our network to offer a programme empowering individuals in leading design and/or foresight initiatives in their team to better change the organization or generate effective strategies.

3. Programme & curriculum development assistance: We tap into our expert network to assist learning organisations in developing custom foresight, design or innovation informed educational activities.


4. Coaching Innovative leaders

We believe that innovative capabilities can not only be nurtured, but also unlocked in a team. We coach leaders to set conditions for this by developing an inclusive and innovative culture in their organisation as well as by leveraging facilitation techniques and collaborative tools. 


5. Custom Products

We have more than a decade of experience in developing custom products that are conducive to developing innovation capabilities. We developed a robust experience at adapting reports into transformative serious games to facilitate institutionalization and in developing tailored toolkits for organizations to name a few.

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