AOD Assistance empowers leaders to shift mindsets to better address complex situations, set conditions for evolution, and seize opportunities across NATO members and partners.

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1. Workshop

We offer transformative workshop design and facilitation assistance aimed at leveraging collective intelligence and generating buy-in.Facilitate

2. Skills

We enhance innovative leadership with professional development packages mobilizing our expert network, transformative serious games, and toolkits.



3. Coaching

We coach leaders to set conditions for developing an inclusive and innovative culture, generate buy-in and mobilize collective intelligence on complex problems.



AOD is a robust network with expertise in areas requiring substantial change for organizations to remain fit for purpose such as:














1. Designing and Leading Transformative Workshops

We design and facilitate unique transformative workshops that generate value by tearing down barriers to meaningful collaboration. Our facilitated workshops make the emergence of counter-intuitive solutions possible and may include:

1. Reporting assistance: our team captures insights that are essential to foster buy-in.

2. Professional or scientific journal publication: our team can assist in communicating workshop results, a new vision or lessons learned across relevant communities.

3. Multimedia production: We tap into our multimedia expertise to offer workshop videos or podcasts including highlights to share.


2. Professional & Self Development

We offer training for leaders and their team looking for enhancing workshop design and leadership skills, complex strategic analysis skills or team-building. Our professional development initiatives are tailored, modular and may include :

1. Workshop design and facilitation masterclasses and trials enabling teams to develop these skills by practicing with their colleagues on their own challenges.

2. Breakthrough: The Arctic Albatross Serious Game enabling self-awareness when sense-making and defining problems in complex strategic situations.

3. Breakaway: Reframing to Prevail, our own innovative decision-making framework, enabling team members to realize a diversity of ways to address complex problems.

Click here for more information on Breakthrough: Arctic Albatross

Click here for more information on Breakthrough: Shadows of Byzantium

3. Coaching Innovative Leaders

We coach leaders to set conditions for developing healthy cultures of innovation including by leveraging transformative workshop facilitation techniques

1. We match each team leader with the best fit in our global network of coaches and facilitators.

2. We coordinate a monthly touchpoint for leaders to develop a long-term relationship with their coach and apply lessons learned throughout their progress.

3. We provide a platform to share lessons learned with the global network.


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