IMDC convention

Innovation Methodologies

For Defence Challenges (IMDC)

Our annual convention brings together some of the most distinguished security & defence practitioners, design & innovation specialists and scholars in the field from several NATO members and partners.

This convention aims primarily at facilitating a platform to exchange experiences in using design & innovation methodologies in practice and at creating a network of professionals who are interested in design driven conceptual innovation, strategic and organizational design. The secondary aim is to leverage this network to envision practical deliverables for defence practitioners as well as research deliverables.

IMDC CONvention


Stay tuned for information on this year’s hybrid conference including registration information.



IMDC is an opportunity for networking and creating collective knowledge on the practice of design & innovation methodologies in security & defence contexts. Knowledge exchange takes place in workshops, panel discussions, and Ted Talk style presentations that are both intergenerational, interdisciplinary and diverse. The general idea is to invite participants willing to disrupt their own echo-chamber: who can innovatively organize in ways that promote an environment which focuses on sharing knowledge across disciplines, with a deliberate balance of academic researchers, military practitioners and corporate thinkers.



Active Participation

Each participant will have the chance to take part actively in the conference by attending interactive workshops to tackle complex defence challenges. Participants will be able to take part in keynote series, panel discussions, lecture series and innovation methods & skills workshops.



We encourage you to invite interested parties from your various networks and organizations.

Participating experts, among others, will include Ofra Graicer (IDF National Defence College), Ben Zweibelson (JSOU – US SOCOM), Philippe Beaulieu-B. (Canadian Forces College), Philippe Dufort (Saint-Paul University), and Karena Kyne (Lancaster University).

Previous IMDC Conventions

IMDC is a global network event hosted around the world through our partnerships with various defence and academic organisations.




TEDx Events

Design Your Future

    TEDx event

    TEDxBudapestSalon 2020 – Design Your Future

    5 March 2020 | 4 PM – 8:30 PM
    Budapest Music Center (1093 Budapest, Mátyás street 8)

Last Year's Convention

IMDC Budapest 2020


Last year, the Hungarian Defence Forces with the National University of Public Service proudly hosted “Innovation Methodologies for Defence Challenges” convention.

The conference was held at the National University of Public Service divided.

Some 2020 Presenters

Redesign Yourself – Ákos Csertán

  • Grant Martin
  • Dr. Ofra Gracier
  • Péter Langmár

Redesign Your Business – Mátyás Dobó

  • Brian Rivera – Co-creator of The Flow System™
  • Dr. Philippe Dufort
  • Dr. Philippe Beaulieu-B. & Dr. Ben Zweibelson with Col. Imre Porkoláb
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Participants and Partners