11 December 2017

IMDC Conference Registration Open Now Until Jan. 22, 2018 (Tickets are Limited)

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Innovation Methodologies for Defence Challenges

Saint Paul University, Ottawa

Jan 30-31, Feb 1, 2018

IMDC 2018 Definitive Programme

Please RSVP for the conference by first (1) filling out the form below and, second (2), by following the eventbrite link to obtain a $25 ticket. Further information (points 3-14) is available below.

Note: conference is free for students and presenters, we ask that you still RSVP by completing this form by January 22, 2018. There will be no on-site registration available. 

1. Registration Form

PRESENTERS PLEASE NOTE: this is the default accommodations for conference presenters. For those who have been offered funding from us, we can only reimburse up to $57/night if you choose other accommodations. ANYONE NOT FUNDED: this is the cheapest and closest accommodation. INFO: The residences is on-site and is within 200m from conference building. Further information below...
Restaurant offer is limited around the conference site
The organization team will contact you directly by e-mail to provide further information based on your interest for specific activities

2. Ticket on Eventbrite

To complete registration, please purchase a $25 ticket on Eventbrite ASAP and no later than January 22, 2018. Tickets are limited.

(excludes students, presenters, & staff)


3. Overview

Saint Paul University together with the Canadian Forces College’s Centre for National Security Studies, the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, the Center for International Policy Studies, and the Mapping and Charting Establishment are proud to present “Innovation Methodologies for Defence Challenges: Towards Practical Strategies.” To be held at Saint Paul University in Ottawa from 30 Jan to 1 Feb 2018, the Conference will bring together some of the most distinguished defence practitioners, innovation specialists and scholars in the field coming from several NATO countries and partners (see working programme above).

Aligned with the Canadian Defence Policy Strong, Secure and Engaged (SSE), this event aims primarily at facilitating exchanges of experiences in using innovation methodologies in practice and at formalizing a network of professionals who are interested in innovation, doctrine development and defence planning. The secondary aim is to leverage this network to envision ambitious practical deliverables for defence practitioners as well as research deliverables. In what follows, prospective participating individuals or organizations will find all information required. You are fully encouraged to invite interested parties from your own networks and organizations. Further information will be circulated as we get closer to the conference.

4. Context

To face complexity in the current global environment, CAF are looking for ways to develop and mobilise innovation capabilities and ensure agility. An abundant choice of innovation methodologies — such as design thinking, system thinking, scenario planning, strategic foresight, visual driven innovation and tacit methodologies — is now available to do so. Despite this, several obstacles lay ahead in adapting these methodologies and, more broadly, to foster a culture of innovation in CAF and allied organisations. Among these obstacles, the limited connections between innovation methodologies and concrete approaches to put them into practice hinder the realization of the Canadian Defence Policy Strong, Secure and Engaged (SSE)’s objectives in defence education, planning and operations to name a few. While the literature overlooked practicalities, several successful innovators developed their own practical approaches after years of experience around the world. The conference will enable making available this practical knowledge to participants and to a broader audience with deliverable projects.

Key questions that will be discussed at the conference focus on how to move from innovation methodologies to concrete implementation strategies. More specifically, this conference will seek to find ways to reconcile innovation with planning methodologies in practice, and to teach innovation methodologies in defense organizations, and to institutionalize them. The conference will also invite presenters to share what they believe is the cutting edge in innovation methodologies and how to increase their practical effectiveness.

5. Active Participation

Each participant (i.e. attendee) will have the chance to take part actively in the conference by co-developing recommendations to tackle one of their most complex organizational challenges and to share them with the audience. Participants will be able to tap into one of the richest pools of resources gathered on the subject including 3 keynote series (Generals, Designers, and Scholars), 8 panel discussions, 7 innovation methods & skills workshops, 2 masterclasses, one-on-one meetings with experts in addition to four social activities. Please do bring a drawing sketch book as some facilitators will ask you to use it.

William Simonds, the coordinator of this activity, will rely on submitted registration forms to assemble dream teams. You may contact him at for further information.


6. Social Activities

Four social activities are offered to both presenters and participants — (1) Officers’ mess reception, (2) skating on the Rideau Canal as part of Ben Zweibelson’s keynote, (3) Fine Dining, and (4) Day Skiing at Mont-Tremblant (QC). Attendees showing interest by ticking the relevant boxes on the registration form will be contacted by the organization team with more information in due course.

7. Accommodation

For non-Ottawa residents, the best value and localization option are 2 closed bedrooms suites at the Conference and Residence Centre, 200 meters from the conference site (150 Hazel St, K1S 5T8 Ottawa, Canada).

Please contact Melissa Sinfield to confirm your dates and a suggested suite’s partner.

For more comfortable options, we recommend the Novotel (33 Nicholas St, Ottawa) or the Alt Hotel (185 Slater St, Ottawa) in the city centre, both at a 10 minutes taxi ride from the conference site.


8. Chapel Service

Saint-Paul University has a chapel available at all time with mass at lunchtime every day.

9. Address

Guigues Hall

Saint-Paul University

223 Main Street

Ottawa, ON


10. Registration no later than January 22

Registration must be done on the online form for all attendees including presenters (above) and on Eventbrite (above) for regular participants. There are no registration fees for special participants including students, staff, organizers and presenters.

There will be no on-site registration available.

Participant Registration Fee:  $25.00

11. Point of contact

Your point of contact for further information is Melissa Sinfield

Many thanks for participating to, we are sure, will be a high impact and memorable event for years to come.

The Organization Team

Philippe Dufort | Lead Conference Organizer
Assistant professor, School of Conflict Studies | Saint Paul University

Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard | Lead Conference Organizer
Assistant professor, Department of Defence Studies | Canadian Forces College

Ben Zweibelson | Conference Ambassador
Design Program Director | Joint Special Operations University

Partners and Sponsors

Centre for National Security Studies (CNSS), Canadian Forces College (CFC)

Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS)

Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE), Canadian Forces Intelligence Command

The Military Training & Cooperation Program (MTCP)

International Centre for the Study of the Profession of Arms (ICSPA), Collège militaire royale de Saint-Jean (CMR Saint-Jean)

Saint Paul University (SPU)