3 November 2021

Project Albatross

Project Leader
Dr. Philippe Beaulieu-B.
Project Manager
Jonas Groesmeyer
Game Designer
David Nguyen



Designing a game-based learning system based on Reflexive Virtual Organic Learning (R-Vol) – the future of planning and design education for defence purposes, and military education, more broadly. Albatross believes in collectively designing game-based learning experiences that are transformative and immersive to enable seamless and scalable learning in professional military education.


Developing a game-based learning system, which will deliver cutting edge design learning capabilities “anytime, anywhere” to enhance critical and creative thinking required for navigating today’s complex security environment and mastering planning skills under conditions of disruptive change at both the operational and the strategic levels.


Project Albatross will seize the emerging trend of leveraging war gaming in professional military education and steer it towards the entertainment game industry’s cutting-edge advancement in creating immersive and playful learning experiences. By fusing game design, engaging narrative, and immersive environments with world leading design education, this learning experience will promote seamless learning of holistic security issues and self, organizational and environmental awareness for players to become reflective in action.

This groundbreaking game-based learning experience will be tailored for a new generation of officers as they will be the primary playtesters and quality assurance from initial conceptual design all the way to alpha and beta testing. Underpinning the engaging game design, the design learning content that will enhance officer’s cognitive edge is triangulated with the global leading expertise in military design & planning represented by the Innovation Methodology for Defence Challenges (IMDC) network. For further information on the innovative ideas supporting the project, we invite you to browse the Albatross Playbook – a collection of compiled resources covering the transformative potential of play.

Prototyping session from Albatross Workshop June 2021.

Project status

Following a successful prototyping workshop in Copenhagen June 2021, Project Albatross has initiated the development and testing of its game based learning system. Finding inspiration from facilitated role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Genesys, and Paranoia, the project team is currently developing a game scenario to implement and test a facilitated playful learning experience among military officers. Please contact project manager Jonas Groesmeyer ( if you are interested in further information or potential collaboration. 



Project Albatross is supported by the Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) program of the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), the Centre of Military Studies (CMS) University of Copenhagen, the Canadian Forces College (CFC) and the Canadian Joint Warfare Centre (CJWC).