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15 May 2017

Colombian Armed Forces

Status: Informal — Interest in design thinking The Colombian Armed Forces faced the necessity to reconsider warring…

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Expecting Uncertainty: Approaching security environment complexity with humility and conceptual flexibility

Author: Robert Lummack Abstract: This article discusses the complexity of the Global Security Environment. It argues…

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10 May 2017

Hybrid Warfare: New Ontologies and Epistemologies in Armed Forces

Philippe Beaulieu-B. and Philippe Dufort organized a first workshop gathering 16 commanders, planners, defence scientists and…

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9 May 2017

Breaking Down Silos and Connecting Stakeholders: A Symposium on Systems Thinking and Design

Philippe Beaulieu-B, Francis Clermont, Aaron Jackson, Robert Lummack, Paul Mitchell and Ben Zweibelson contributed to the symposium…

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Are Small Wars Just Big Wars That Are Smaller?: Why Our Conventional Wisdom About Small Wars Leaves Us Learning Little

[html] full text via Small Wars Journal Download PDF

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Ben Zweibelson — The Military Design Movement

Ben Zweibelson, as the Program Director for the U.S. Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM) Joint Special…

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