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Anders McD Sookermany

Anders McD Sookermany (b. 1967) is a LTC and a Senior Fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies in Oslo, which is a subunit of the Norwegian Defence University College. He holds a doctorate degree in Pedagogical Philosophy from the University of Oslo and a master’s degree in Philosophy of Sports from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences together with an Air Force Staff College education. His research interests are related to issues of training, performance and culture. Issues he has published on within the military, educational and sports domain.

Currently, Sookermany is working on matters related to Gamechangers, Learning under Risk and a Handbook of Military Sciences. As a sports and pedagogical philosopher he is also interested in the Philosophy of Science, a subject he teaches at the masters level at the Norwegian Defence University College.

In addition Sookermany has, within the broader area of his expertise (education, learning, training, performance and culture), participated in several national and international committees, councils, working groups etc. Among them, he is the past president to the International Society of Military Sciences (ISMS) and still serving on their Council as well as a member of the editorial board of the Armed Forces & Society journal.​

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