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Brett A. Bourne

Brett A. Bourne is a CAG Security Design Instructor / Facilitator, as well as Adjunct Faculty for both the Swedish Defense University (Stockholm, Sweden) and the Joint Special Operations University (Tampa, Florida) delivering special operations educational programs worldwide. Brett has focused the last 5 years facilitating design thinking, creative problem solving, and integration of Special Operations Forces for security challenges ranging from specialized teams to the exective/national level. Brett has led online asynchronis educational efforts through the COVID crisis as well as significant international in-person delivery. (Chad, Lithuania, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of Georgia, Greece, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Sweden and others.)

Brett’s military career spanned 1987-2017 beginning at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He served three decades in Infantry, Force Reconnaissance, and Special Operations units. He commanded infantry and medium mortar platoons, reconnaissance/direct action detachments, an infantry company, two basic officer course training companies, a combat advisor team to an Afghan Commando unit, and an infantry battalion task force in Ramadi, Iraq. His last command was the Marine Raider Training Center, assessing, selecting and training special operators and enablers in the range of SOF skills.

Overseas assignments include Director of Future Operations/Special Activities at Special Operations Command Europe and as Chief of Staff of Special Operations Command Africa in Stuttgart, Germany as well as Director of Plans at Naval Forces Central Command in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a Captain, he served as an exchange officer with the Swedish Naval Special Forces and is a qualified Kustjägar and Fällskärmsjägar. He has deployed with the 22d and 24th Marine Expeditionary Units during the crisis in the Balkans and has participated in named operations in Cuba, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Arabian Gulf, Yemen, and Northern, Western and Central Africa.

Brett Bourne received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1991, and studied in residence at the NATO Defence College in Rome, Italy. His military education includes Expeditionary Warfare School, Command and Staff College, the Joint Forces Staff College, and the German High Staff College Exchange Seminar.

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