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Jeremiah Monk

Colonel Jeremiah Monk (USAF Ret) is one of the leading design practitioners in the US Special Operations community. He previously served as an the USSOCOM Chief of Plans and Strategic Design, as well as an adjunct professor in the Joint Special Operations University's military design education program. He currently works in the government sector consulting industry.

In USSOCOM J5, Colonel Monk led the conceptualization and design of global strategies for the application of Special Operations in the complex, emergent realm of great power competition. In 2020, he was chartered by the Commander to lead the implementation effort of the USSOCOM Comprehensive Review, an enterprise-wide culture change effort to redesign force governance and leadership development processes and structures.

Colonel Monk serves on the AOD Board of Directors, and is a leading contributor to the initial development of the "Breakthrough" design wargame. He holds a Masters in Strategic Studies from the US Air War College, has published several articles on military design application, and has lectured and consulted widely on military design theory, organizational design, emergence theory, and the application of special operations in great power competition. Colonel Monk lives with his family in Tampa, Florida.

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