Panel 3
10 November 2022

Panel 3: Canada’s Strategic Coherence

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, gray zone conflicts, the weakening of US hegemony, and the rise of China—the world in 2022 is in turmoil. Caught between its allies, their diverging interests, and its rivals, Canada finds itself faced with the return of great powers competition. Faced with this situation, it must adapt. But how to succeed coherently? This panel will assess how Canada could design a coherent foreign policy in line with its values, but also its national interests. Defining these, its overall strategic priorities, and the budget necessary for their implementation is the challenge that this panel’s experts will tackle.

Moderator: Laurent Borzillo (Postdoctoral Fellow, UQAM)


– Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard (Assistant Professor, Canadian Forces College)

– Chantal Lavallée (Assistant Professor, Collège militaire royal de St-Jean)

– Jonathan Paquin (Full Professor, Université Laval)

– Gordon Venner (Former Associate Deputy Minister, Department of National Defence)

Introduction of the Military Deployment Index:

– Justin Massie (Full Professor, UQAM)

– Barbora Tallova (Master’s student, University of Oxford)

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