31 January 2024

Tension Podcast Ep. 6: Should We Play or Should We Learn? Reflections on the Tension Behind Serious Games in Defence and Security

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Our host Donna Dupont interviews Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard and Scott DeJong to discuss the world of serious games. Philippe is a professor at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, a designer, and is the Co-founder of the Archipelago of Design. Scott is a PhD researcher at Concordia University in Montreal, game designer, educator and public scholar. In this episode we discuss the use of serious games as a tool to explore and navigate complex challenges, how games assist to make sense of the complexity and provides a safe space to engage in meaningful dialogue for action and change.

AOD’s Arctic Albatross is a turn-based mystery investigation wargame. Game details and opportunities for a demo and full game session are available here: Breakthrough Arctic Albatross

Scott’s game Lizards & Lies is a conspiracy theory boardgame that explores disinformation. Details are available here: https://www.lizardsandlies.ca/

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