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A Tale of Two Designs: Developing the Australian Defence Force’s Latest Iteration of its Joint Operations Planning Doctrine

Author: Aaron P. Jackson Abstract: This paper chronicles the incorporation of design thinking ideas into the latest…

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Damascus: The Renewed Doctrine of the National Army of Colombia

Author: Javier Rojas Guevara Abstract: This note from the field is an account of the…

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Legitimacy as the center of gravity in Hybrid warfare: Notes from the Colombian Battlefield

Author: Carlos Ospina Ovalle Abstract: These notes from the fields summarise a presentation on the topic…

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The Continuous Judicial and the Judiciary Wars in Colombia: Critical Dimensions of Insurgent Political Warfare

Author: Fernando Puentes Torres Abstract: As Clausewitz wrote in On War: “the events of every age must…

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Learning through our Mistakes: the Legacy of Marxism in Colombian Counter-Insurgency Strategy

Author: Jesús Alberto Ruiz Mora Abstract: With this working paper I aim at sharing my thoughts…

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29 May 2017


Metaphysical Voluntarism a) Friedrich Nietzsche Nietzsche, F. 2007. Ecce Homo: How to Become What You…

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