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Mathieu Primeau

Matt (Mathieu) Primeau has been facilitating Military Design seminars internationally since 2017, specializing in complex defense challenges at both the Strategic and Operational level. He is the Academic lead for Military Design for the Joint Command Staff Program at the Canadian Forces College of Toronto, as well as a facilitator for the National Security Program.

He is a double graduate of the US Army University with Masters in Military Arts and Science in Military History and in Design, and is an MSc graduate of Cranfield University (UK) in Defence Geospatial Information. He currently serves as Military Advisor to the Deputy Minister of National Defence.

École de Guerre Lecture Series – Part 2

École de Guerre Lecture series part 2 of 4: Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard and Mathieu Primeau

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Design is Guerilla Warfare

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How we Design

Matt (Mathieu) Primeau- It will be my pleasure to take over Dr. Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard’s role…

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Fostering Shared Spatial Understandings

A look at how we understand space … the maps in our heads. Maj Mathieu…

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We Think Spatially: The Urgency of Meaningful Maps

With the active generation increasingly thinking visually, creating meaningful maps is paramount to the whole…

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