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Aaron P Jackson

Dr Aaron P. Jackson is an Australian public servant. He is currently Senior Researcher Joint and Integrated Military Operations within Defence Science and Technology Group, which is part of the Department of Defence. He has also served in the Australian Army Reserve since 2002. He has deployed on operations in Iraq, the Greater Middle East Region, Timor Leste and domestically within Australia. Aaron holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (International Relations) and has an ongoing research focus on defence and military studies, operational art, international relations and military design thinking. He is widely published in these fields and has held numerous academic appointments, including as Academic Year 2018-19 Distinguished Visiting Professor of Defence Studies at Canadian Forces College.

The opinions expressed in Dr Jackson’s academic papers are exclusively his own and do not reflect the views of any organisation with which he is, or was previously, affiliated.

Breaking Down Silos and Connecting Stakeholders: A Symposium on Systems Thinking and Design

Philippe Beaulieu-B, Francis Clermont, Aaron Jackson, Robert Lummack, Paul Mitchell and Ben Zweibelson contributed to the symposium…

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1 December 2014

The Perversion of Military Ideas: How Innovative Thinking is Inadvertently Destroyed

Abstract: Have you ever read a military concept or doctrine publication, or an academic or…

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Paradigms Reconsidered

This article revisits Thomas Kuhn’s conceptualization of “paradigm” and discusses its applicability to strategy. Although…

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The Roots of Military Doctrine: Change and Continuity in Understanding the Practice of Warfare

Author: Aaron P. Jackson Introduction: This monograph examines military doctrine and explains why understanding its…

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Moving Beyond Manoeuvre: A Conceptual Coming-of-Age for the Australian and Canadian Armies

This article discusses and contrasts conceptual developments in the Australian and Canadian armies as a…

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