Thinking with Maps: Geospatial Reasoning in War

by Antoine Bousquet Thinking with Maps: Geospatial Reasoning in War Visual representations of space have long…

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Behavioural Insights in the Canadian Department of National Defence

By Eugenia Kalantzis and Dr. Damian O’Keefe   Context.  There is a growing trend in…

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Deliberate Systems Thinking & Accidental Design: A practical application within the RCAF

by Brigadier General K.G. Whale, RCAF, IMDC Keynote – 01 FEB 2018 “Dividing an elephant…

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28 September 2018

Systems of Systems Thinking and Hybrid Warfare: A SOF Approach

By William Mitchell The global security upheaval at the turn of the century pushed complexity to…

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Strategic Conversations for Strategy Development: Horizon Scanning, TOWS & Scenarios

by Donna Dupont & Leon Young   My interest in strategic foresight started when I began…

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Creating the Design-Planning Bridge: Designing a NATO that Thinks Differently for 21st Century Complex Challenges

by BGen. Imre Porkolab, Mr. Ben Zweibelson   In the 21st Century, the international defense…

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